How to Keep Your Lucky Elephant Lucky

Lucky Elephant Lucky Necklace

When it comes to lucky charms, one of the secrets of enjoying the good luck they bring for each and every minute of your life is to “hold” to them, no matter what. It might sound complicated and karma-related or something, but it’s something really simple: wear it! Yes!

Whether you feel lucky or not at this point in your life, you can benefit from wearing a lucky charm. It is one of the best ways to keep good luck on your side or to attract luck into your life.

Wear your charm...

The first rule on getting lucky is to wear the charm. Our advice? A lucky elephant charm is what you need! Elephants are symbols of strength, good luck and power, some of the most important things that we look for during our entire lifetime.

Choose a happy go lucky elephant…

If you want to allow the lucky elephant to guide your path towards the blessed bounty of abundance there’s another thing you might want to consider. A happy go lucky elephant is always wearing its trunk pointing upwards. So, you really need to make sure your lucky elephant is always pointing its trunk upwards towards the sky for good luck.

Share your luck…

Yes, an elephant is a bringer of good fortune, but what is good fortune if you cannot share it with others? Well, there could be one way... share your luck! How to do it? Gift your friends and family members lucky elephants. Allow the mighty elephant to clear your karma and you yourself become a good karma for other people. Do good and the good will be returned back to you.

Clean your charms...

Last but not the least, a more practical way to keep your lucky elephant lucky every day is to wipe it clean and let its magic overflow the bounty and reach into your life from the horn of plenty.

How to clean? Use a polishing cloth that is specially made for wiping clean the dust, as well as the negative energies away from your lucky charm. We don’t recommend the use of jewelry cleaners as they can be too harsh and may contain abrasives. For best results, use the Quan Jewelry polishing cloth regularly.

Wear your lucky elephant with a peaceful mind and an open heart to all the magic in this world. May the best of luck comes to you, namaste!