Lucky Elephant Jewelry for Good Luck

Lucky Elephant Jewelry for Good Luck

The elephant is praised in very many different Asian cultures as the bringer of good fortune, but also as a symbol of strength, loyalty and patience.

In the Hindu culture, there is a deity named Ganesha which is the embodiment of an elephant and is widely worshiped as a remover of obstacles, hence good luck. However, the Hindu people also consider the elephant god, Ganesha to be the symbol of intelligence, wisdom, or intellect as well.

In the Christian symbolism, elephants represent patience, chastity and also temperance, while Chinese people believe elephants are a symbol of happiness, good luck, and longevity. As a power animal, the elephant represents strength to carry on whenever you feel weak, helping you with the good memories and the driving force to live within.

Moreover, together with strength always comes patience.

Although it is one of the largest animals on earth, the elephant never relies on speed, rather on conscious thought and patience to get to where it needs to go, making up for the low speed. In this regard, the elephant teaches us there’s no need to rush but remain patient at all times so that we can manage all life situations with calm, serenity and confidence.

The elephant is considered to be the most positive animal symbols, with no negative representations, that’s why most cultures believe the elephant is a bringer of good luck and fortune, calling them lucky elephants.

And thus the saying goes -- keep a lucky elephant at the door to your house so that you can stay away from bad luck. Still, some people prefer to keep good fortune with them all day long, and in this regard, a lucky elephant jewelry or accessory is most recommended.

Lucky elephant bracelets, earrings or necklaces keep you away from dangers and misfortunes whenever you put them on and guide your pace towards the most favorable outcomes in life.

Wearing a lucky elephant all day every day is a guarantee for good fortune, and in the end, success in everything you do. You can find plenty of lucky elephant accessories in our online store to choose from to keep you safe and bring you the best of luck!