Owl, Symbol of the Connection with Intuition

Owl, Symbol of the Connection with Intuition

Wearing owl accessories may in fact bring but positive effects on our day to day life. The reason for this is that owls stand as symbols of getting in touch with your true intuition by cutting through the illusions that may come to stray you away from your authentic path in life. If owl is your spirit animal you are lucky to have a strong intuition about people and situations that come your way.

However, if you believe that your intuition and connection with the higher mind aren’t your strongest attributes, you may want to consider welcoming owl into your home, wardrobe or even better, your accessories.

Wearing an owl pendant around your neck, a bracelet with an owl attached or an owl earring is just what you need to ask the universe for a better connection to your intuition. Besides connecting with the intuition, an owl also represents wisdom and it’s mostly related to old souls that possess ancient wisdom, fortune tellers or prophets that can see things happening before they do.

This is how powerful owls are, symbolically speaking. Owl also represents quiet and patient observation over the ensemble picture. By observing carefully, you tend not to haste and jump into conclusions and unconsidered actions.

On the contrary, it encourages you to meditate in the perfect stillness of the night and reflect upon situations after thorough observation to allow your intuition to give you the right answers to any given life situation. As we’ve said, owls symbolize wisdom, the wisdom that comes to prevent hasting, rushing or being impulsive.

It is said that if you repeatedly see an owl it has a message you need to decode, it may want to warn you of something or guide you, for your advantage only.

The fact that owls have such a sharp vision in the dark is exactly what they symbolically represent: seeing through the vails or illusions and reaching that authentic knowledge that wants to reach you coming from your subconscious mind.

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