Our Story

Quan Jewelry was born out of love.

Our founder, Alex, was never able to meet his father face-to-face after they were torn apart by war. Shared words became their source of connection; heart, soul, and emotion poured out across oceans.

After Alex’s father passed away four years ago, the grief that accompanied him from never sharing a hug and not being able to say goodbye, was monumental. His understanding of emotion, sorrow, and the power of words gave him a deep compassion for others.

He found solace for his own grief by walking with others through theirs, by encouraging them to say the things that needed to be said to their loved ones while they were still alive.

With deep understanding, Alex knew that so often people fail to share their hearts and feelings with their loved ones because they don’t know how to articulate them. Quan Jewelry is the answer. He began helping people express themselves with personalized greeting cards containing a handmade jewelry keepsake.

Express yourself through Quan Jewelry. Our products help strengthen relationships by inspiring givers to celebrate life’s special moments with something truly unique.

Quan Jewelry- Jewelry with something to say.