The Irish-For-a-Day’s Guide to Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

" symbolizes Irish pride and a touch of good luck no matter where St. Patrick’s Day is being honored."

You may be feeling very Irish every March 17th, but do you know how to really celebrate the holiday? The American version of festivities differs just a wee bit from that of the Irish version. Learn how to celebrate for real and take a little Irish a long way even if it is just for one day a year.

An authentic Irish celebration of the day starts with a morning church service. There is little drinking involved, and up until the 1970s, most pubs in Ireland were closed for this holy holiday. Today, the restrictions of the Lenten season are typically lifted. It is perfectly acceptable to enjoy an Irish whiskey or two.

As somber and quiet as the real Irish honor this day, it can seem almost blasphemous that Americans have turned it into the biggest drinking celebration next to New Year’s Eve. In actuality, most Irish natives appreciate the fact that Americans have embraced this holiday and that they have turned it into a day to honor all that it stands for.

The Irish celebrate the day as the Feast of St. Patrick, the patron saint of the country. It has been a holy day since the 1600s and its main objective is to honor Christianity’s arrival. The Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church both recognize the feast day.

The spread of the holiday is due to the love that native Irish had for their country. As they settled in the United States, Canada, Australia and even Argentina, they spread their love for their patron saint on his special day by celebrating with drinks, parades, and shamrocks. The shamrock represents the Holy Trinity for the Irish.

Today, it symbolizes Irish pride and a touch of good luck no matter where St. Patrick’s Day is being honored.


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