Why Do People Chant OM/AUM During Yoga and Meditation?

Yoga and Meditation

“Whatsoever has existed, whatsoever exists and whatsoever shall exist hereafter, is OM. Enjoy the journey.”

When it comes to understanding the basic mantras for meditation, the most popular mantra you may have heard of is Om. Om is one of the basic mantras or vibrations that's used in any yoga session and although many spell the mantra as O-M, the real Buddhist symbol pronounced correctly actually has four syllables of AUM and a silent syllable.

A- is pronounced as Awe and this works to start in the back of your throat vibrating through your solar plexus and chest. U is an OO sound that rolls across your throat and threw your upper palate creating a secondary vibration. M is an MMM sound that you will begin to feel vibrating through your front teeth and through the top of your head. The final syllable is the deep silence after the chant and after the MMM sound that will allow the vibrations to cease and for a deep intelligence to wash over you.

It's these three letters that symbolically embody each piece of the divine energy that runs through us all. In a sense, each sound we make represents creation, preservation, and liberation.

The reason for utilizing a mantra like OM is to get more in touch with the universe. As we know, just about everything in the universe is constantly moving and vibrating. The frequency that OM makes, when chanted correctly, is the exact same vibrational frequency that we find in just about everything we encounter every day.

By making ourselves vibrate at this frequency, we can tune our bodies and establish a connection to the living beings around us as well as the universe. The OM mantra is also a great way to focus in and denote a time for practicing meditation. OM/AUM announces that it's time to start caring for ourselves and start practicing a deeper connection to our world.

Starting a yoga practice with a mantra can help us to experience a deeper connection to our world as well as a more relaxed and successful meditative state.