What Does Karma Mean?

What Does Karma Mean?

“Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.”

We often think of Karma in our day-to-day lives as a moral causation law. While you may have heard someone say “well, that’s Karma..” It's an entirely different thing when you try to understand the base root of Karma or the theory of causation.

The Theory of Karma

The theory of Karma dawned in Buddhism and it was born long before Buddha. It was Buddha however that actually explained the formula of Karma and gave it the basis for the theory that we have today. Karma can be a way to explain any qualities throughout mankind. It's this theory that explains the diverse city and inequality throughout mankind rather than being a pure accident of creation.

Under the eyes of Karma, nothing that happens in the world happens without cause or reason. This means that all actions that happened to people every day are the result of a deserving action that was taken early on. While it can be tough to go back and actually trace some of these causes, Karma also states that the proximate reason for present actions can also be as a result of a past birth or past life.

The Causation of Karma

The causation of Karma can have many other factors beyond actions taken in the past by a single person as well. Inequality can take place as a result of environmental factors, heredity and more. Ultimately, however, we as people are able to create our own idea of happiness or misery. Under the idea of Karma in Buddhism, we as people are able to design our own fate by making positive choices and creating positive future reactions to those choices.

While Karma literally means action or doing, many believe that Karma’s base root comes in the promotion of positive thoughts, positive words, and positive deeds. However, because Karma embraces both past and present deeds, thoughts, and words, there is no guarantee that living in a positive light will help you to continue to live harmoniously.

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