What is Handmade Jewelry?

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry


Jewelry has always been considered more than just a way to accessorize. People love to have that one special piece in their collection that sets them apart from others. There are so many different variations and designs in jewelry now that it is almost impossible to choose your favorites. But one thing that has stood the test of time is handmade jewelry. It is still considered very trendy and sought after. Some people consider the pieces made by hand as “art” made with a lot of love and attention to personal detail. It’s not wrong to say that the finest jewelry in the world is handmade and there is just something that draws everyone’s attention to them.

According to the US trade guidelines, in order for jewelry to be characterized as handmade, all the processes involved like soldering, carving, and shaping must be made solely by hand. You may use drills or other machinery but they must be guided by a human hand. Unlike other mass produced jewelry which can produce hundreds of units per hour, a handmade jewelry will take a lot of time and expert precision by an artisan. Therefore, it is generally more expensive.

As it is entirely crafted from hand, all handmade jewelry might not be perfect but these imperfections are really their beauty. When you buy a piece, you are actually establishing a connection between the artist and yourself. Only a limited amount of pieces are made in a particular time by the artists as there is no involvement of the machines. No two pieces of handmade jewelry would exactly be the same. Thus you get a sense of exclusivity as not many would have the exact piece as you do. To make it affordable, machinery produced jewelry uses different types of alloys but a handmade masterpiece would only use high-quality pure materials selected with care. All artisans take pride in their work so whatever they make is of the highest standard. It is not wrong to say that a handmade jewelry is not really spending but an actual investment. Owning a craftsman’s personal piece is like owning a Picasso or Da Vinci as each artisan has their own distinct and creative style.

So every time you buy a piece of handmade jewelry, be very proud of yourself because even though it may be costly, you are actually supporting and honoring the centuries-old custom of crafting things by hand. It’s all about sustaining the local community, admiring the skills of the expert craftsman and appreciating the quality of each individual piece.