Pewter Jewelry

pewter jewelry

 pewter jewelry

When buying jewelry, many people tend to think that the only precious metals worth buying for are gold, silver, and platinum. It’s a high chance that not many have heard about pewter or its uses in jewelry making, when in reality it’s the fourth most common metal for making intricate jewelry items

Unlike other pure metals, pewter is actually an alloy of tin and a small amount of copper. Its usage dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Romans. As it is a soft and durable metal, it was not used in weapons but mostly used in kitchenware and churches. It slowly gained prominence in the middle ages and people started to design extensive jewelry items, candlesticks, and tableware from it. In the olden days, the lead was also added to pewter to make it harder. When the toxicity of lead became common knowledge, its usage was restricted and now all new pewter items made in the USA are lead-free.

There are many reasons why pewter is popular in jewelry. As it mostly contains tin, it is not very costly and is easily affordable for the majority of the people. Also, it is extremely soft and delicate which makes it easy for the jewelry designers to mold it to their desires. This is why you will see more distinctive and complex designs in this metal as compared to others. The price of a pewter jewelry is also based on the artistic craftsmanship and not on the metal itself. The more intricate the design, the more expensive it is. Another good reason to buy pewter jewelry is the durability. Unlike silver and gold, it does not tarnish and therefore is extremely durable. Pewter is also popular because it offers flexibility in its appearance. It can both be highly polished to give extreme shine to the pieces or it can also be chemically darkened to give an antique look.

There are many options for you to buy pewter jewelry. Almost all jewelry items like rings, pendants, and earrings are made with this metal. And it is extremely easy to be cared for. Pewter jewelry should be kept away from sources of extreme heat as it can melt easily and stored in tissue paper or soft cloth to make sure that they last a long time. Cleaning it is also very easy just some mild soap, water, and a cloth. You will find pewter polish on the market too but only use it when you feel it looks dull.

Overall pewter is a great choice for buying jewelry items and you will find many varieties in the market when you decide to buy it. Some people even prefer it over silver and gold due to its cost and versatility. Buy it today to see if you fall in love with pewter jewelry too.