These Christmas Cookie Recipes Will Make You and Every Child Happy

Christmas Cookie Recipes

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Nothing smells better than holiday cookies baking on a cold winter’s night. A fire going in the fireplace, some hot chocolate or even a cold glass of milk, and warm cookies straight from the oven are enough to bring back all the fond memories of childhood.

Thankfully, making cookies is not very difficult, even for the beginner baker. In addition, it’s something you can usually do with your children or grandchildren. It’s tasty fun for the whole family. These Christmas cookie recipes will sure bring you and your family so much joy and many new memories.

Even if you just choose one or two of these delightful holiday cookie recipes, you won’t be disappointed. One good idea is to have a holiday cookie party with 6 of your friends. Put each recipe in a jar, let people pick, and have them bring 8 dozen to the party. The first dozen is to enjoy, then the others are divided among the 6 guests and of course you. Then everyone goes home and has 7 dozen cookies of different varieties to share with family and friends throughout the rest of the holiday season.

Happy baking and enjoy your holiday cookie-baking party!