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5 Holiday Cookie Recipes to Show Your Love for Arts and Baking


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When people hear gingerbread cookies around the holidays, they tend to think gingerbread men. However, many other cookie shapes will bring holiday cheer to the table. And if you are into arts and baking, it's the perfect time to show your love for both!

Getting creative should be a breeze. Check your local baking and/or craft store to see what cookie cutter shapes are available. You should see snowflakes, hearts, stars, snowmen, trees, houses, candy cane, stockings, reindeer, Santa hats, mittens, sleighs, bells and even doves.

Once you choose your shapes, decorating them comes easy. You can flood your cookie top with royal icing. You can use a squirt bottle or Ziploc bag with the corner cut out to make more details and decorative designs. Cookie sprinkles, miniature candies, colored sugar, melted chocolate and even fruit leather are great to use when decorating cookies.

Have fun with your holiday cookie recipes. Decorate them in new ways and get creative!