Palindrome Day Sale Today 2-22-22

Feb. 22, 2022, is written out numerically is 2/22/22. Not only is it a Palindrome because it reads the same forward and backward, but what makes it special is the date has all twos. It also will be on a Tuesday. The date is so rare that the next "Twosday" won't happen again for another 400 years, in 2422. 
That is why we are celebrating it with our unique items on sale! Add any of these items (2 or more) to get an automatic 22% discount. Today ONLY!
Mix and match your styles with our necklaces and rings on sale today. Ideal gifts for teachers and mothers.
Check out these items on sale!
Teacher necklace
Tree of Life
Mother- Daughter Heart Necklace
Mother- daughter heart ring