The Precious Gems Cheat Sheet


“Rarity is a characteristic of a gemstone and a woman that supplies value to its being.”

Gemstones spur a certain interest of curiosity and awaken a rather strong emotion to those fascinated with them.

Women are inclined to possess these precious jewels for ornamental purposes and glamorous attributes. Gems and some prized minerals create sparkles in women’s lives thus invigorating our inner soul. But we know so little about these gems and minerals altogether, which makes about 40 or even a lot less.

According to the latest edition of Walter Schumann’s Gemstones of the World, there are at least 200 varieties of these natural gemstones. It would be interesting to learn and immerse ourselves to some of these luxurious and fabulous stones. You deserve to learn the basic 101 of something that makes you happy. So, read through this gift we have for you. We hope that we can enlighten you a bit to the value of Earth’s natural beauty which makes each so unique and extravagantly exceptional!


Amethyst is a crystalline quartz mined in Australia, South America, and South Africa. It usually comes in shades of mauve, purple, or violet. It is a highly sought after gem due to its rarity that is usually compared to luscious rubies and sapphires, making it extremely valuable. However, due to mass deposits of amethyst found in Brazil, the gem’s worth has decreased in value. But, the beauty of its kind and colour makes it popular to jewellers and still desired by jewel lovers.

Fun Fact: It is a belief that amethyst protects one from poison and infuses a sober mind when drunk.


Garnet is a very interesting gemstone that is usually found in East and South Africa as well as Europe. It comes in a myriad of colours including earth tones like cinnamon, but not in blue. This makes it a frontline when it comes to jewelry fashion and trends. Garnet can be easily cut and shaped into different styles. This stylish gem is usually moulded in bracelets, pendants, or rings.

Fun Fact: Garnet is known to cure depression and boost self-esteem. It is also believed to be lucky in appealing a successful business.


Aquamarine is usually mined in the outskirts of Russia, Brazil, Pakistan, and India. Its hues vary from a light sky blue to a deeper tint of greens like water and sea. They are perfect stones without blemishes and fractures. The intensity of its colour increases the value of aquamarine. The gem usually appears in hexagon shape crystals. The classy translucent look of this stone makes it fashionable to wear on a daily basis.

Fun Fact: Aquamarine is most powerful when used in deep meditations. It is said that it helps you get in touch with your inner soul.


Emeralds are the most valued gemstones even before the ancient times. Most come from South America. The priciest are the transparent ones. It is known to be the “green fire” due to its rich colour. When used in ornamental jewelry, they are rather very small in size and surprisingly weigh a lot less than a carat. This is due to visible inclusions found on large sizes of emeralds.

Fun Fact: Emerald is the Greek goddess, Venus’, stone of love. It is thought to preserve hope and faith when it comes to love.


Found remotely in the deserts of Australia, Opal is stunning when it comes in fiery red. Its most prominent attribute is the gem’s opalescence, which is actually the bouncing of light that happens around certain stones of high quality. This trait makes it wonderful as ornaments in making jewelry, as its radiance and glam deliver its quality.

Fun Fact: Fire opal is believed to attract money as a magnet and stimulates the adrenal glands and sexual organs.


Citrine has a nice touch of yellow that ranges from a pale yellow to a more distinguished reddish shade. The majority of this gem usually comes from Brazil. It is one of the most affordable gemstones used to ornament jewels such as bracelets. It has a glass-like luster but can also be cut easily.

Fun Fact: Citrine is called the stone of one’s mind and can increase your psychic ability.


Sapphires are the oldest gemstones known to men used by kings and queens. It comes in a wide array of colours, but is most commonly blue because of the iron and titanium content of its structure. The red counterpart of sapphire is ruby. Both gems are of the same content when it comes to minerals. Its colour can be changed when exposed to extreme heat and radiation, but are usually stable, thus not losing its grandeur.

Fun Fact:  Sapphire symbolizes heaven and is known to be the “stone of destiny”.


Peridot is very scarce in nature, but not a bit as valuable as other gems. It is one of the stones that has one colour and revered to be as precious olive green stone. It is indeed difficult to cultivate and mine. Although this gem easily weathers, it still makes a great piece for your charm and brooch.

Fun Fact: Peridot is one of the birthstones for the month of August and symbolizes undying love.


Pearls are created by a natural chance of reaction to irritant particles that enters the oyster’s body. Pearls are usually white, but could be blue, green, silver, or black in nature. It takes years for pearls to form, yet its intricate structures make stunning jewels that makeshifts a perfect piece of jewelry.

Fun Fact: Pearls are known to be “teardrops of the moon” that represents innocence and purity.


The infamous blue topaz has been a popular phenomenon for a millennium. Its diverse glow of colours makes it favourable to all jewellers and its fans alike. This is commercially sold everywhere due to its abundance and affordability. The most intricate designs can range from tinges of brown, yellow, or gold.

Fun Fact: Due to its mystical quality, it is said that topaz protects one from evil. It also believed to help infertility and make a person happy.


Tanzanite is a unique gemstone which can only be found in the mountains of North Tanzania. Because of its beautiful colours, it is considered to be one of the most glamorous stones. It has the quality of a distinct tint of blue surrounded by a dramatic splash of purple. This is the newest of gems now trending in the jewel market.

Fun Fact:  The exquisite characteristic of tanzanite is manifested to bring life. This makes it a popular present to mothers with new born children.