Teacher Appreciation: Words Of Gratitude For The Ones Who Educate Us

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week is a time when we as a society stop to acknowledge the impact that teachers have on our lives. We reflect on the ways in which these inspiring individuals have influenced and shaped us. As a result of this positive energy, there are many who take the opportunity to show their gratitude to those who have made a lasting impact on their life. After all, these teachers have spent hours upon hours dedicating themselves to helping others see their true potential and succeed in life. They’ve done this because they care about their students, not for any other ulterior motive. There are numerous ways to express your appreciation for your favorite teacher; however, below are some words of thanks that clearly articulate your feelings towards them.


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Thank you for always being there for me.

Not all students have the same experience with their teachers. Some students may have had teachers who seemed more like drill sergeants than educators, others may have had teachers who couldn’t care less about their students. If your favorite teacher was the former, then you likely know how much these kinds of teachers deserve to be acknowledged. If your favorite teacher was one who always made themselves available to you, no matter what the reason, then you likely appreciate them more than most. These types of teachers not only inspire their students to learn, but to also strive for greatness. They want to do everything in their power to see you achieve your goals and achieve your full potential.


Thank you for never giving up on me.

Teachers are tasked with a lot. They must not only inspire their students to learn and succeed, but they must also become quasi-counselors. They must have the patience to deal with a classroom full of individuals with vastly different personalities and skill sets. They must also be able to help their students find their path in life and discover the things that would make them happy. No doubt, when you were in school, there were students who came to you with a variety of challenges. Whether these students had learning disabilities, social anxieties, or were dealing with other personal issues, teachers had to work to find ways to help these students succeed. If your favorite teacher was one who never gave up on you, even when you felt like giving up, then you likely feel gratitude towards them.


Thank you for helping me find my passion.

Teachers have the unique opportunity to help their students find the path that they feel most passionate about. Thanks to the fact that teachers see their students every day, they have the chance to get to know them on a personal level and see what excites them and what lights them up. If your favorite teacher was one who helped you find your passion, then you likely feel an immense amount of gratitude towards them. Passion is one of the most important things in life. It’s what drives us to keep going and to keep making progress. When teachers help you find your passion, they’re helping you find that thing that makes you feel most alive and that you’d be lost without.


Thank you for pushing me to be my best every day.

We all have that one teacher who pushed us to excel and be our best self. It could be your AP Calculus teacher who pushed you to challenge yourself and earn a 5 on the AP exam or it could be your swim coach who pushed you to be stronger and faster every time you stepped foot in the pool. There are many ways teachers can help their students strive to be their best selves, but regardless of the methods, teachers who do this are truly something special. They push their students to be better than they were yesterday, not for the teachers’ own benefit, but for their students’ good. If your favorite teacher pushed you to be your best, then you likely have a ton of gratitude towards them.


Thank you for always believing in me when no one else did.

This is one of the most common themes among teachers and their students. Sometimes, students feel like they’re alone in their struggles. They feel as though their challenges are too big for them to overcome and that no one understands where they’re coming from. If your favorite teacher was one who always believed in you, then you likely feel truly grateful towards them. Their belief in you helped to show you that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. It gave you the confidence to achieve your goals and put your challenges behind you.



Teachers have the biggest impact on our lives outside of our own families. They’re responsible for shaping the way we view the world and helping us to become our best selves. As a result, they deserve to be thanked, appreciated, and recognized for their efforts and hard work. There are many ways to show your appreciation to the teachers in your life, but the best way is to simply be the best person you can be and show them what they’ve helped you grow into. Get your teachers some thank you gifts today.