wolf necklace

Every piece of jewelry is a testament to your personality and a statement of confidence. It does not matter where you are going or who you are; we are all built to be confident in our skin and fashion choice. So, you need to, at all times, appear confident and sure of who you are and what you have inside you.

And what better way to fully express yourself and allow your confidence to radiate like the sun with wolves necklaces and pendants?

wolf  necklace


JOB INTERVIEWS: Do you have a job interview that scares you out of your skin? Well, you should fear no more; the MEAVE necklaces are designed to give you the confidence to face any interviewing panel in the world.

In ancient mythology, wolves represented calm and peaceful yet confident. Wolves can be friendly and understanding, but they were not short on confidence in their abilities and were quick to bare their teeth when the need arose.

Like wolves, these sets of wolves necklaces, like the Amora Wolf Pendant necklace, give you the confidence you need to enter into gathering sure of yourself.

You might be feeling low on confidence when you are about to head out for that all-important meeting; you need something like the Chlodette Loving Wolf necklace to inspire you forward. 

  • BUSINESS MEETINGS: Have you watched Thor Ragnarok? If you have, then you know Thor's father, the indefatigable Odin. With the Aminah Wolf of Odin pendant, there is little guessing how much your confidence will be out of the roofs when you wear the pendant. The belief in your abilities is heightened when you wear the right piece of jewelry to a business meeting. The Jurnee matching wolf pendant takes your self-belief notches higher with its perfect symmetry.
  • DATE NIGHT: You are probably meeting the love of your life for the first time. Or not. With love, every time feels like the first time. The butterflies flutter their wings in the pit of your stomach. To get rid of every jittery and wow your partner, you need the Adria Wolf necklace to amplify your confidence. The love of your life awaits you with open arms, like the inscription on the Takisha necklace, don't perform in the circus; own it; own love! It helps to accessorize as well. If you are on the lookout for hip hop accessories, check VVS Jewelry.

You are born with a sea of confidence; express it to the fullest! The wolves' necklaces give you the confidence you need.