Life Balance - The Two Sides to Us

Life Balance

Life Balance
What is a balanced life? And why it's important to have one? This essay will give you all the feels and will help you understand what it's like, and which factors are crucial to finding balance in life.
I believe we all have two sides to us (or more), likes heads or tails, and it's as if we're flipping a coin every time we undergo a new experience to see which one will win.
There's the side that is open, happy without needing a reason and trusting. It's the side that gets excited when we meet new and interesting people; the side that does not doubt and believes the best of everyone.
But there's the side coiled up inside of us, still licking all wounds, and with an elephant's memory. It's the side that hits the brakes on our trust, like "woah! You remember what happened last time don't you?" This is a difficult side to deal with, but they are both important. 
We need to maintain excitement, to welcome the rush that comes with truly living and to understand that sometimes we have no other choice but to trust, and that failing to do so because we fear getting hurt will only hurt us more. At the same time, we must not forget our history (even if it's painful to remember). We learn that through experience, and while we should never hold grudges, we must learn to accept people for who they are and not for who we want them to be. Holding on to the negative aspects of life will weigh you down, like dragging luggage through a desert, never getting anywhere.
I find my peace in nature; the balance between these two sides that keeps me whole. Find your balance: be open but don't be foolish, strong but not rough, solid but not unbending. Remember to be all of who you are.
~ An essay from @michelleloulan
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