How to Wear a Star Necklace: 7 Tips for Stylishly Accessorizing

How to Wear a Star Necklace: 7 Tips for Stylishly Accessorizing

Are you a little hesitant about adding another accessory to your style repertoire? Perhaps star jewelry feels too juvenile or "New Age" for you. Or maybe you think that wearing a star necklace is simply not something you would ever do. Well, think again. It may come as a surprise to some, but the humble star necklace has been having quite the moment lately. From music videos to red carpets and beyond, this simple jewelry piece is making a statement. So if you're ready to ditch the neutral-toned necklaces in your closet and add some celestial style instead, read on for tips on how to wear a star necklace.

Find the Right Star Necklace for You

The first step to wearing a star necklace is finding the right one for you. This will depend on your style preferences, budget, and personal sizing needs. These are some of the main star necklace types you can find: You might want to choose a type of star necklace based on how you plan to wear it. If you like to layer your jewelry, for example, a beaded necklace might be a good choice. If you want a more subtle look that pairs well with your favorite pendant, a charm necklace could be perfect. You can also choose a star necklace based on the style of star you like. There are tons of variations out there, from Swarovski crystal stars to vintage-inspired charms.

Try Different Ways to Wear a Star Necklace

There are countless ways to wear a star necklace. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired. - Tuck it into a choker - If you like the idea of a star necklace but don't want to wear it around your neck, try tucking it into a choker instead. - Layer with a choker - One way to add even more sparkle to your style is to layer a choker with a star necklace. - Mix with other charm necklaces - If you have multiple charm necklaces in your jewelry box, why not layer a star necklace with one of them? - Wear a pendant with a charm - If you're wearing a pendant with your star necklace, try switching it up and wearing a star charm with your pendant.

Go for Bright Colors

One of the most common mistakes people make when wearing star jewelry is to go for muted tones. Why not mix things up and try wearing star jewelry in bright colors instead? You can easily switch up your style by wearing a vibrant pink or orange-colored star necklace. If you're not sure where to start, try choosing star jewelry with neon accents. This is a great way to add a pop of color to your look without taking it too far. You also might want to consider mixing and matching your star jewelry with other colorful accessories, like a brightly colored bag or a pair of vividly patterned socks.

Star Layering

If you like to layer your jewelry, star jewelry is a great way to do so. All you need to do is find a necklace that has a star pendant or charm, and then layer it with shorter chains and/or charm bracelets. Star earrings are also a great way to layer your star jewelry. Try pairing a pair of small star studs with a larger, star-shaped statement earring. This is a great way to use two pieces of jewelry in one look without overdoing it.

Match with an Ankle Chain

There's nothing wrong with switching things up by adding an ankle chain to your star necklace. In fact, many people like to wear two pieces of jewelry at once, especially if they have a lot of layers or short chains around their neck. Ankle chains are a great way to add a little extra sparkle to your star jewelry look. Plus, they can add a little edge to your style if you choose a chunky chain design that's not too delicate. If you like the idea of wearing a star necklace and an ankle chain, try to match the lengths of the chains so they aren't too clunky or gaudy. You also might want to think about the style of the chains, and pair a delicate-looking ankle chain with a star necklace that follows suit.

Or Match with Other Metallic Accessories

If you like accessories with a metallic touch, you can try mixing a star necklace with other metallic accessories, like rings, chandelier earrings, or a metallic charm bracelet. This is a good way to add some shine to your look without going overboard. You can also try layering a star charm with a metallic pendant, like a crescent moon necklace or a sun pendant. This is a unique way to combine two pieces of jewelry in one look. You can also choose star jewelry that has a metallic finish.

Add Some Darkness with Black Jewelry

If you're worried about overdoing your star jewelry look, try adding some darkness to your look with black jewelry. This could be a choker, a black pendant necklace, or even a pair of black earrings. If you're wearing a pendant necklace with a star charm, a simple black chain choker will do the trick. If you're wearing a star charm on another chain necklace, try adding a simple black ring to your look. If you want to go the earring route, you can choose between simple studs or a black hoop design.


The next time you're getting dressed, try adding a star necklace to your look. This simple jewelry piece is a fun way to add a little extra style to any outfit. Whether you choose a gold or silver star necklace, it's sure to stand out and make a bold statement. Ready to add a little celestial sparkle to your look? Pick out a few star jewelry pieces and try them out. You never know, wearing a star necklace could become your new favorite thing.