Gift Items for Your Easter Baskets, Non-Candy and Happiness Guaranteed

Gift Items

Gift Items

Fill your Easter baskets with non-candy treats and be the most thoughtful Easter bunny of the year! Yes, you can avoid sugar overload and still get creative by switching this year's bag of goodies with treats that will last a lot longer than chocolates and cupcakes!

To make it easy for you, we have rounded up the best Easter basket ideas for kids and for those "kids at heart".

Personalized Easter Basket for Toddlers

Sensory Balls
Board Book
Musical Instruments
Finger Paints
Crochet Dolls
Guardian Angel Wings Necklace with a promise Easter quote:

"Your true guardian angels are always with you."


Easter Gift Ideas for Children Ages 4-6

Sidewalk Chalk
Magnifying Glass
Spring Book
Multi-color Playsilks
Washable watercolors
Blair Compass Necklace with a special Easter quote: 

"Life's a journey, not a destination.."


Easter Baskets for Kids Ages 7-10

Insect Lore's Butterfly Kit
Mad Libs Word Game
Coloring Book
Scratch Art Set
Cook Book
Kitchen Charm Necklace with a funny Easter quote: 

"Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to dis a brie."


Easter Gifts for Teens

Mermaid Blankets
Brain Games
Starbucks Gift Card
Movie Tickets
LED Room Light
Blue Tooth Speaker
Washi Tape
Lotus Flower Necklace with an inspirational Easter message:

"Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most."


Easter Basket Ideas for Grandparents

Flower Planter
Grandma Shirts
Grandma Bracelet
Cross Infinity Necklace with a special promise quote:

"Forever... I will always be here for you. To infinity and beyond." 


Easter Gifts for Moms

Dish Towels
Cocktails/Mocktails Kit
Bath Bomb
Day Spa Vouchers
Hope Necklace with a quote and bible verse that read:

Refuse to sink. "Hope anchors the soul." ~ Hebrews 6:19


Ideas for Easter Baskets for Dads

Carry On Cocktail Kit
Grill Tools Set
Messenger Bag
Engraved Necklaces with a sweet message:

"There is this girl... she stole my heart, she calls me DADDY"


Easter Gifts for Yogis

Yoga Mat
Yoga Joes
Yoga Wheel
Room and Body Spray
Yoga Jewelry with a quote:

"Namasté. The light within me, HONORS the light within you."


Gift Items for Easter Baskets for Teachers

Catchall Tray
Enchanted Forest Coloring Book
Teacher Appreciation Necklace with quote:

"Teach, Love, Inspire. To teach a child is to touch the future."