Fun & Creative Halloween Coloring Activities for Kids - Quan Jewelry

Fun & Creative Halloween Coloring Activities for Kids - Quan Jewelry

Are your kids getting restless for trick or treating? Give them a creative outlet while they wait! Quan Jewelry offers coloring and tracing Halloween printables for top entertainment in the lead up to the holiday.

Cats, bats, and much, much more! Hold on to your broomstick!

With the launch of the Halloween printables, you can purchase, download, and print engaging and creative activity sheets. The printables are themed around traditional Halloween characters and paraphernalia, giving your children the chance to engage further with the culture of the holiday whilst practicing writing and coloring skills. 

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Quan Jewelry’s newly launched printables come in two sets of activities. The ‘Find the Hidden Object’ set focuses on coloring, with instructions to search for and color in ghosts, monsters, and several foods hidden amongst them. The ‘Trace Your Halloween’ set offers a collection of Halloween-related pictures and words for your children to trace, such as witch hats, cats, moons, pumpkins, sweets, and bats.

Halloween is an adored holiday for Americans, and you, like many others, probably harbor fond memories of traditional celebrations during childhood. Naturally, there is a strong desire to pass on to new generations the excitement and rituals cherished by older ones. Your children need little encouragement in this, eagerly awaiting the date of Halloween and enjoying every aspect of the culture around it. Give them the chance to fully enjoy and engage! 

Quan Jewelry’s Halloween printables offer your kids a fun, hands-on way to anticipate and celebrate Halloween. Their non-digital nature provides a refreshing alternative to the technological inundation of our modern life, whilst having the benefit of swift online purchasing. With the best of both worlds, there’s no need to stress!

The website also offers you Halloween treat label printables and mini poster printables, along with its regular range of creative greeting cards, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more.

Quan Jewelry is an online shop specializing in high-quality jewelry and accompanying messages of love and care. The company operates with an understanding of the difficulty you may have when it comes to expressing emotion, and accordingly creates products that give voice to strong human sentiments which might not otherwise be articulated. 
A satisfied customer of Quan Jewelry said: “We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the pendant and packaging. My son gave it to my daughter as a graduation gift and she loved it. It allowed him to write a lovely sentiment and give it to her as a keepsake.”


Best of all, the Halloween printables can be downloaded for free with a discount code available on the product page. Get printing, get decorating, and get in the spirit of the holiday!

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