Free Printable: Guide To The Chakras For Beginners

Free Printable: Guide To The Chakras For Beginners

Quan Jewelry Guide to Chakras Printables


What is a Chakra? 


According to yoga philosophy, Chakra is originally derived from the Sanskrit word 'cakra' meaning wheels, identified as energy points in the body that keeps turning vital physical and spiritual energy to ensure that our mind and body are in perfect harmony.

There are seven points throughout the body which is associated with each chakra: 

Here is the overview of the seven chakras symbols and its meaning. 


1. The Crown Chakra/ "Sahasrara"represents our connection to God, spirit, the universe or personal beliefs. It is associated with color violet and its symbol is often represented as a flower. The energetic properties that the crown chakra provides us are feelings of higher consciousness and spirituality, bliss, presence, awareness, inner and outer peace.


2. The Third Eye Chakra/ "Ajna" is connected with the spiritual realms such as intuition and psychic abilities and it is associated with color indigo. Shaped as a downward triangle and a lotus flower, third eye chakras are connected with feelings and behaviors like wisdom, trust, vision, leadership,  healing and keen perception of everything and everyone around you.


3. The Throat Chakra/ "Vishuddha" is associated with communication, expression and speaking in your truth. Shaped like a crescent with a circle inside and linked with the color blue, throat chakras are identified to speak up your inner feelings, trusting yourself and voicing out to create opportunity and information.


4. The Heart Chakra symbol from the word "Anahata", expresses love, compassion and sharing that love towards others. Known for its green colored wheel, this six-pointed star with a circle amplifies all matters of the heart. Mostly associated with love, transformation, compassion, emotional intelligence, empathy, and forgiveness.


5. The Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as "Manipura" or jewel city, is the symbol for confidence, power, gut feeling and ambition. It physically affects our diaphragm, our smaller intestines as well with our ribcage. The solar plexus features ten petals with a triangle inside, reminiscent of the lotus, it evokes the feelings of willpower, drive judgment, decision making, self-discipline, confidence and responsibility.


6. The six-orange-colored petals inscribed with various syllables is also known as the Sacral symbol. Referred to as the "Svadhishthana" in Sanskrit, this chakra represents emotion, passion, creativity, innovation, sex drive, fantasy and relationship building.


7. The Root Chakra / "Muladhara", known for its yellow square center with four-petaled lotus surrounding it, considered to be the "first" chakra to connecting with opening and closing the chakras. usually red in color,  it represents the energy of basic survival needs, like health, sex, and resources towards its monetary, emotional and spiritual aspects.


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