Dainty Details and Sweet Sentiments

Dainty Details and Sweet Sentiments

If you have never gifted a friend with message card jewelry before, we would like to invite you to join in the fun!

Message card jewelry not only offers sweet little charms that are detailed and lovely to look at.  They also come attached to an attractive birthday card with a heartfelt message on the front.  Some of the cards and necklaces share a message of love, hope, friendship, and encouragement.  Others share a touch of cuteness, mischief and even a touch of sass!

The written sentiments included with our charming necklaces are a win-win for finding the right gift.  The words have already been penned for the thoughts you want to put into words.  Each necklace and charm complete the gift with a visual memory of your shared sentiments.

Some of our unique pieces from our message card jewelry collection include the Ida Cute Camera Miniature Pendant Necklace with words of encouragement from a metaphoric stance.  

Our Our Ayiesha Tree of Life Necklace can be given to a mother or daughter who share a special bond with each other.  The sentiment on its card conveys a message of strength and bonding.

Our Vana Kitchen Charm Necklace uses a cute play on words while reminding its recipient that there is good in each day.  The attached cheese grater charm adds the light-hearted touch that makes this gift all-the-sweeter. 

Give the gift of encouragement with a touch of humor include our Mariz Cloud Rain and Umbrella Charms Necklace.  Or encourage that friend who is making great strides in her goals with our Rachel Chef Jewelry with Rolling Pin Pendant.

There are so many great selections in our message card jewelry collection.  Take some time to search our unique jewelry pieces with lovely and fun charms, including a few for music lovers, teachers, sisters, nurses and more!  The added sentiment with the earthy card and envelope all makes up the perfect gift for your loved ones who deserve something special!

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